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Thread: PH64 SNT number plate

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    PH64 SNT number plate

    I was bought this by a friend as was tempted to sell it. Do any of you lot know what she'd be worth? PHEASANT

    PH64 SNT

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    Not sure really as I struggled to make it into a pheasant at all until I read the text..... may be worth more to someone who has the initials SNT??

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    Not sure as it couldn't be put on a car till the new "64" reg comes out on the 1st September. As you can't put it on an older car.

    Probably be worth what he payed dvla for it at the beginning of the month.
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    It is not worth anything in my opinion, its only worth what people are willing to pay.

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    FE54NTS has been for sale for years and is unsold.

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