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Thread: Stalking in Gloucestershire

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    Stalking in Gloucestershire

    The North-Cotswolds Deer Management Group has opportunities to stalk on prime land in Gloucestershire, however candidates generally need to have the DSC2 and have an 'open' FAC, and of course a deer condition.

    We are a Group of mainly amateurs who work together (there is no membership fee, we do not pay for stalking leases, we do not take out paying clients, we do not do any trophy shooting, we do not sell any venison) and we get more and more opportunities offered to us but do not have sufficient people with the required qualifications to put names forward for cull teams on the larger estates that have approached us.

    Applications are now closed - many thanks for your interest
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    Fantastic opportunity for those in your area! If ever there was a reason to go for dsc2 opportunities like this must be it.

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    Email sent, many thanks.

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    email sent

    Kind regards Jimbo

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    wish i had dsc2 as well top offer.

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    Thank you to all who have registered their interest via PM or through our website.
    You have been added to the mailing list of the NCDMG and will soon get more information from us.
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    Thank you for the post. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards Jimbo

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    Hi there. I would certainly be interested in joining.
    I am a novice stalker and have much to learn. This looks like an excellent forum to help me along the way. Whilst I see plenty of deer where I live just north of Tewkesbury, I currently travel across to Hereford and down to Monmouth to go out stalking with other members if SD.
    with hope, looking forward to hearing from you.

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    I meet the criteria, but live in Derbyshire. However I would be prepared to travel. Would that be an issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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