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Thread: .222, .223, .204 or .17cf......discuss.

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    .222, .223, .204 or .17cf......discuss.

    Right then guys n gals, I'm looking for a new long range vermin/pest gun to put on my variation, pros and cons of all please from people that use them, not something read in a magazine like myself. Ta very much.

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    I have recently changed from a 22-250 to a 223. I was very happy with the 22-250, and the 223 is equally fine too.

    The main reason I made the change was cost and availability of ammo. To date I haven't started reloading yet (although I now have all the kit) but to be honest 223 ammo is so reasonable there is very little to be gained financially.

    I do a bit of range shooting as well as foxing with it and my local gun shop has Geco 223 at about 20 for 50 rounds of target stuff. I have found that expanding ammo is broadly similar in price between the two though, again 223 being a little cheaper, and I have found there is more of a range in 223 as well.

    Whatever you go for, if your not re-loading, ask your preferred gunshop about availability and cost of ammo.

    Best regards

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    Sorry to be a bore .... All the information you are after is on here already ( discussed at some length ) as you would see , if you would take the
    time to look .
    Thus preventing another repetitive thread.


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    I've got a 222 and a 204 there both really good calibres I use my 222 mostly as I'm after roe but for a long range varminter the 204 is amazing, it's super flat, with 32gr vmax I'm a half inch high at 100 spot on at 200 and drops about 3 inches at 300. The only bad point with 204 is factory ammo is a nightmare to get in my area but I started loading so happy days

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    was using a 204 last night rabbits at 300 yds no problem, was totally amazed how flat it shot and no recoil, using 39 grn sierra bullets

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    Cheers boys, that's food for thought. 204 trajectory is mental! Not worried about using the same gun for roe as I've other rifles for deer, just fancied something to bridge the gap between 17hmr and .243. And sorry for making you read another thread david, I'm just snatching a quick look at my phone when I come in off deck. Someone's got to keep the western world turning after all!

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    I have a 222 a 204 and a 22/250.

    The 222 is a lovely gentle round, probably my favourite. Great fox round and a decent round for small deer - I'm told. However, it is really a 200 yard gun in my opinion, trajectory and energy starts dropping off beyond that.

    Never used a 223, just a bit more than a 222.

    The 204 is a different beast. Incredibly fast and flat shooting, seems to deal well with the wind. Does nearly anything a 22/250 can do, but with 15 grain lighter bullet and 10 grains less powder. If you want a round to play with for longish range foxes, crows etc, I'd go 204 (or 20TAC).

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    You're selling it to me Brian!

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    I have .222 and Foxes, Roe etc out to 200yds no problem. No doubt that they will go further as they were used very successfully in range competitions. Myself personally (no world war three kick off please) I dont shoot past 240yds when shooting quarrie it's different on paper. Hope this helps.


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    What do you call vermin?
    big gap between the largest fox and everything below.

    anything non fox and a 17cf sounds mustard
    fox included and I personally would want something .22 based to buck wind and carry energy

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