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Thread: Wanted .22lr left handed Anschutz? CZ?

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    Wanted .22lr left handed Anschutz? CZ?

    Afternoon everyone - I have just got a variation for a second .22 (only took a week West Mercia!), I already have a 10/22 and want to compliment this with a tack driving ideally left handed bolt action...

    Something like this one that Mike at Calton Moor snapped up would fit the bill!

    Sold: Left Hand CZ 452 American .22LR

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    Hi bregalad
    give me a ring ,I have 3 left hand .22's for sale . tel 01538 308697

    all the best


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    Thanks Mike - I'll give you a call in the week.

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    I have a companion for your 10/22.
    i have a 77/22 stainless synthetic.
    It is right hand bolt but has an ambi stock. I am left handed.
    pm me if interested.

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    Thanks Grant

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    there's this on Airgunbbs:

    I have nothing to do with the seller, just thought i'd pass the information on.


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    thanks for this twoseventy - is this one left handed? can't see without registering, if it is i'll sign up!

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