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Thread: Gold Medal

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    Gold Medal

    I would like to stalk a quality Roe Buck Medal if possible i have been Deerstalking a very long time and never even seen a medal. I am willing to travel and pay the price has any one got the number of a guide i can use.

    Thanks hightower

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    Hi hightower

    Jan Andrews at RDMS has usually got medal class Roe and Sika, she operates in dorset. Also try some of the guides on this site i'm sure some will pm you.

    Hope you get lucky


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    if you want medal roe get in touch with john at www.yorkshireroestalking
    he his on this site


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    do you know how much they cost?

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    May i thank every body very much i have had some really good PM,s and have decided on a chap from right down south so its a long way to go but he assures me that there are top medal class Bucks on his ground.

    I will let you all know how i get on .


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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.....

    Can't get my bl**dy gloves on now though!!

    Let us know the outcome.



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