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Thread: North Wales Variation time?

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    North Wales Variation time?

    I am needing to put in a variation to NWP and was just wondering if anyone else had had one done recently and if so what the timescale was?

    I heard a few months back that the FEO was on sick leave for an indefinite period. I missed the 4 hour window for calling them today so just thought i would ask here!


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    Good question. My 1-4-1 went in this week too and when I spoke to them last week I asked them the same question to which they replied "I can't answer that". My FEO was off on leave until yesterday but it sounds like they have a bit of a queue. It took them 6 weeks for another 1-4-1 back in March this year so I'm not holding my breath!

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    Just had my 1-4-1 back last week it took 8 working days, good if you ask me

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1kevb View Post
    Just had my 1-4-1 back last week it took 8 working days, good if you ask me
    Wow that was good going. Did you have to see your FEO or was it just a quick paperwork processing job?

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    thanks for the replies. ill give the licencing team a ring on monday and see what they say.

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