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Thread: Accident ? or Familiarity?

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    Accident ? or Familiarity?

    Just had this from a buddy, Loaded 45/70 leaning against the transport, it falls over, guy tries to grab it, Presto BOOM!

    This guy and a buddy were sighting their rifles in. One of the guns was leaned up against the 4 wheeler he was standing on. The gun started to fall and I'm not sure if his buddy grabbed it, or something on the bike caught the trigger. Either way, he caught a 325 grain .45-70 round right under the collar bone. I think it goes with out being said, how lucky he is to still be here.

    The big hole around his shoulder blade is where the bullet entered and it traveled under his skin and exited right there on his neck, above his spinal cord! Just goes to show that he truly is LUCKY! The ballistic tip mainly just burned the edges of the skin of the wound that you see in the picture.. He's getting better & better every day, last night he was even doing push ups!! He's finally able to use his arm again! Somehow it didn't hit anything major and basically ended up being a really bad flesh wound! It is truly a miracle that he is alive and not paralyzed!

    sorry, I can cut & paste the text, but I can't shift the photo! DOH!

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    your link is not working bud

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    cant view it m8

    beat me to it ash

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    We need login and password to your mailbox. Login Finbear and password 270 is not working...


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    Yep just post the login for your AOL mailbox we won't abuse your trust Steve... honest

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    A little knowledge is dangerous, I read it on here somewhere!

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    LOL ..definately dude 8)

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    Just had a look at the originator of the message, It came from Griff, so maybe he could put it up?

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    Here is a link to the photos.Lucky bugger. PC brigade are right about the bolt, maybe.

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    ouch...... lucky bugger, (or unlucky bugger)

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