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Thread: fox call cd

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    fox call cd

    hi does anyone have a cd with fox calls on it or can you point me in the right direction. thanks

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    I have 20 calls on it ranging from 2 - 3 mins each not looped

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    If its mp3 PM your addy and I will post one to you.

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    thanks blueeyes but its for a cd player

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    Hiya, I have a copy of Sleekitfoxs CD, he kindly sent me it...I use it in the car CD player regularly, does a great job...had a right few foxes with it...

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    hi scudd sorry I aint replied pm me your address I will send you the cd m8

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    Norrie you must be getting all the foxes from Edinburgh coming in to your cd LOL nane here all moved out

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