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Thread: Borka MG 17 Torque wrench field kit

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    Borka MG 17 Torque wrench field kit

    Lo folks, heres a few pics & quick mini review of the Borka MG17 torque tool field kit I ordered from the US recently.

    All items are of decent quality, maybe not quite facom/snapon but perfectly useable and will last a long time.

    Various bits supplied with ratchet, a few adapters and of course the torque wrench, bit holder and extension piece.

    I have used it installing two scopes with optilocks and reassembling two rifles, dead easy to use and gives confidence all screws etc are sufficiently torqued.

    Torque ranges are more than sufficient for many mounts and actions I'm likely to encounter

    Tool roll makes the kit very compact and easily carried in a rifle bag or cleaning kit should you every need to check torques after a say long journey bouncing in a landrover or stripoing & drying out a rifle after a week on the hinds.

    Cost was around 155USD (90 app) and I got caught for 29 import tax/handling but this was the type of torque wrench I wanted rather than the more widely available screwdriver set ups so all in all I'm pleased with the kit

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    well done for doing a review,cheers,doug,

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    Who's got them in? They have been in short supply stateside.

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    Liberty Optics have/had them Gary
    I emailed them to see what the craic was with international post, they sent PayPal invoice, took about 18 days to arrive. Hassle free really
    Borka Tools

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    I need this in my life !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    I need this in my life !
    Just right for removing the 4-16 pm2 before you post it to me!

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