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    Quote Originally Posted by roe boy View Post
    Hmmm think this will be a short lived membership......

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    you never know good things come in(very)small packages

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    I suppose its an intro of sorts but not good enough for a response as we don't know who we are welcoming!

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    he may work at GCHQ so is keeping a very low profile, or the bbc same thing, i would just like this opertunity to anounce to the bbc spies who are monitoring these forums your a bunch of b......s on public money answering to security services instead of the license payers who pay your wages, disgraceful,
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    Quote Originally Posted by roe boy View Post
    The conversation is truly engaging, I look forward to the next one.

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    At least he is not making silly comments!!!

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    hi! who tf are you then?

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