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Thread: 243 stock remmington

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    243 stock remmington

    hi guys i have a .243 remmington model seven with standard stainless barrel and looking to get another stock for it in laminate or walnut and anyone where where i can buy one ??other than boyds in america as i cant get it shipped to me

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    Hi Kevin. are a UK company that Manufacture both Walnut and Laminate Stocks. They should be able to help you.


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    your a star yorkie thank you )))))

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    Boyds do ship to the uk

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    i tried bud but had a message come up saying they wouldnt deliver as of summit to do with price bud i want a laminate thumbhole in forest

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    Order a walnut M7 CDL stock from Remington.

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    If it's under 100 dollars plus postage they will post to uk. Just got one, you are better giving them a call all sorted in a couple of mins, not allowed to ship the tactical models,

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    il give them a call and yea walnut is nicce bud depends on what comes up

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