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Thread: Which 204 factory rifle?

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    Which 204 factory rifle?

    What are owners thoughts on their factory 204 rifles? I am thinking of getting one and at the moment think that possibly the CZ would be the best bet. Weight is important as I don't want anything too heavy.
    Any help wold be appreciated.

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    Hi mate,

    CZ 527 would be a good rifle and so would the Tikka T3 Lite.

    have a look at them mate.


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    I got the howa laminate 204 and it's cracking for the money but kitted out with mod and scope it's far from light!!

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    tikka first cz a close second,

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    I don't have a .204, and wouldn't ever consider one as it's too limited with just one possible quarry use.

    As the .204 is a variation of the same theme, this question could be posed by anyone considering a .222 or .223. If they are buying new (rather than being conflicted over a secondhand medium or full-size action like the T3 at a cheap price) then the CZ (or Sako II) miniature size actions are unique.

    Get a nice light rifle fitted for the cartridge which you can carry around all day.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    I have a howa in 204 and for the price 500 and a body's laminate stock for 130 . You have rifle in the right hands that will do everything any other gun will do and for a lot less money

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    Echoing Sinistral's thoughts; if you are considering Tikka and have the budget, why not look at a Sako 85 in stainless laminate? It's the XS action, so it is matched to the size of the cartridge. A serious pointable tool.

    That said, if I was getting a .204 which I would expect to be using at extended distances on fox and rabbit, then I would buy it in a heavier 'varminting' type action. Maybe a Tikka super varmint or, my favourite, the Sako 85 Varmint Laminated Stainless.



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    Remington model 7 is a very light short rifle , and there are loads of after market extras if you want . I have a Rem 7 in .204 that I pillar bedded into a boyds stock the rifle is a dream to shoot and is accurate .....but I far prefer my Sako's .

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    There was a chap on the bbs sell a 204 sako that's if you want second hand looked very nice

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