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Thread: chicken capes any value.?

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    chicken capes any value.?

    Hi I've recently started to breed welsummer hens. While cockerals seem quite hard to sell I was wondering are the capes worth anything in 's notes for folk who fly fish and those who tie their own.
    I just seem to remember last year a conversation I had with someone who said he breeds some chickens for this as it's cheaper.

    If there not sold by the time they make there first noise the roasting tin will be there waiting.

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    I think the roasting tin sounds the best option pal.

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    you should be able to definitively sex them at 5 weeks they are a waste of feed trying to fatten them take the hit cull them asap find someone near you who keeps BOP or ferrets
    a barony original

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    I can sex chickens within a month. Try telling her infdoors that. They cost next to nothing as they are completely free range as some can vouch and I can swap rooster for pork from my next door neighbor who breeds Gloucester old spots
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    Just google 'cock capes' and you'll see there is a market for them for fly tying hackles.
    The beauty of it is, you can still eat them as well!

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    Certainly a lot of breed s of English poultry was used for flytying. With barred hackles and etc. But nowadaysl cheap capes come from India and from the USA come capes from fowls bred especially for their length' colour, quality. Those coomand a premium.

    Buy a Trout and Salmon or Trout Fisherman in Sainsbury and check the free angling superstores catalogues. They,
    'll show capes and prices. I fear to say that your capes won't be much better than the Indian capes. Processing is laborious...use Veniard's Venpol or similar to clean and degrease.

    But unless you can breed long uniform and fine grizzled or barred hackles you won't have much demand. Bog standard plain brown, black or white isn't as desirable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Just google 'cock capes' and you'll see there is a market for them for fly tying hackles.
    The beauty of it is, you can still eat them as well!
    Cheers just thought I'd try to utilize as much as possible before heading for the oven not after making vast amounts of money by any means.
    I'll have a google search.

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    To get the best results I've always found they need to be at least 2 years old as the hackles are much stronger and will bare up better to the fishes teeth.

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    Unless your capes have whiting, Hoffman or metz stamped on tge back I'm afraid they'll not be worth very much.
    A dyed Indian cock Cape retails for 3-4.50 and yours would retail at about half that undied.
    Have a look at the lathkill tackle site for a good indication of top end prices for those of a fluff chucking persuasion.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Cheers guys for the info can't be bothered for a few quid but if not sold before they make there first noise they'll be roasted.

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