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Thread: Great service - Malmo guns

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    Great service - Malmo guns

    I am not normally one for recommendations but after being let down by the local ish gunshop on 100 grain 6mm Hornady interlocks for the fifth and last time I started phoning round looking for some, lots of no's followed but got a positive yes from this shop. Turned up this morning to be greeted by open on time friendly staff who were knowledgable, got 900 of what I wanted plus some cleaning rods and a few other bits, cheaper than the shop I USED to use by 3 per 100. The shop itself was well stocked with a range of goods, friendly staff who went out of there way to help. Worth a visit if your in the area or a call if you want items you cannot find elsewhere.

    I should add I have no other interest in this shop other than receiving good service.
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    Indeed. I consider myself lucky to call them my local gun shop. John and Bryan are great guys to deal with too....

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    I use Malmo guns a fair bit on the way to the borders or when in the area . So do a few more welsh stalkers that I know . Like Leon says very helpfull and well stocked . But closed on wednesday
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    Not my local shop, but when passing I like to find time to call in. Good range of clothes, fair range of guns, excellent range of ammo, especially for shotguns where it's all on display for you to choose from. But what's more, people who are interested in their job and will spend a bit of time chatting and advising.

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