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Thread: Minox ZV 3 4.5-14x44 SF

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    Minox ZV 3 4.5-14x44 SF

    Minox is a sponsor here. I have a Minox ZA3 3-9x40 on a very accurate .308 Win and it is all i need there.

    The ZV5 is out, and I am very impressed with the ones I look through, thinking the 1.5-8x24 perfect for many rifles rifles, or combi guns.

    As inexpensive as something like the ZV 3 4.5-14x44 SF is, I wonder how many of you use it or the 50mm scopes? They are not that heavy, and half the price of the ZV5 or a Zeiss 4-16.

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    I have 2 Z5's (x42 & 50) waiting to be transplanted for existing Shepherds - for me great value for their price, even this side of the water. There has been suggestion that they may be 'particular' about eye position which may be why many dont want to try them over the 'big fellahs'.
    I have 3 Z-Conquests (x44) for my comparision but suspect Minox are generally under appreciated.


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