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Thread: anyone ever seen anything like this

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    anyone ever seen anything like this

    shot this odd looking fella yesterday and ive never seen a dove this colour before and i was just wondering if anyone else has? ive even tried to rub the blue off of him incase it was some sort of dye or somthing but its definatly the colour of his feathers
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    Is it a young rock dove ?

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    its a cross with some sort of roller ,only a scrag not a dove,it could be even food fed coloured,didnt you see it was blue? definition of scrag, a filthy food pinching scraggy pidgeon,
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    why shoot it if you could not id it on the wing ,
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    flying blue rat feral bane of many grain stores **** em

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Is it a young rock dove ?
    no defo not a young rock dove

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    Dont some fanciers dye their birds to make them
    less attractive to falcons and hawks ?

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    Looks like a bloo doo to me :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelson View Post
    Looks like a bloo doo to me :-)
    Its a blue doo alright.
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