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Thread: ior scopes

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    ior scopes

    Question to those who use them. Just how heavy are they and do they have a discernable impact on the weight and handling of your rig?

    I'm wanting a variable, illuminated scope for stalking and a bit of foxing. The ior seem good value, but significantly heavier than the swarvoski range.

    Should I just man up, or hold out for a swarvo?


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    Man up. Is an extra few ounces going to make or break you ? Nah, so go for it. Schott glass in the IOR, good scopes
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    I have been using a 4x14x50 for years brought when M Norris was the importer and has the 30mm tube , the only point I would say is the dot in the middle of the mp8 is sometimes hard to see , but repeat ability is spot on if your dialing .
    It has been on three different rifles and now graces a 22.250 were it does the job well.


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    Thanks outback. Does yours have the illuminated dot and do you struggle to see it even when illuminated?



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    I use a 4-14x50 on one of my rifles. I have dropped it several times and it still shoots true.

    I think the current prices are ott. I sold an illuminated 3-18x42 because the illuminated Christmas tree covered the target under the lamp. However the MP8 dot ret is one of the best target rets I have ever used.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Thanks scotch egg.

    Any idea of the mp8 dot size at 100m?


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    Have used a 6_24x50 for years on my 6br and can only agree with all the above ,glass and repeatability are top notch, I don't however like the illuminated reticle and never use it, yes the scope is a bit bulky,but I believe ior scopes are probably better value for money than many top end scopes a few of which I own....

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    Thanks nell.

    Is it the mp8 illuminated dot ret that you have, or the 'christmas tree' version?


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    Its the xmas tree in mine , which I often use instead of dialling to good effect , just don't like it illuminated

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    The MP8 is a Christmas tree when illuminated. Otherwise it is perfect. I came third at the first ever annual sharp shooter and snap shot competition in aid of the Royal British legion. It was also the first ever comp/time I visited bisley. The hold offs were perfect.

    But again I will state ior prices have gone ott.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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