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Thread: Field sport related DVD swap.

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    Field sport related DVD swap.

    Over the last couple of years, both through buying titles myself and by swapping with other memebrs on this board, I have amassed a wee collection of about 45 field sports related DVD's.

    These cover stalking, butchering, trapping, foxing etc and apart from 5 or 6 that have been transferred to DVD from VHS, they are all good condition.

    I have enjoyed viewing these DVD's and have found them very informative and I imagine that other members on this board may also benefit from the same.

    I will list the titles I own below, and if anyone would be interested in a swap, please send me a pm and I will sort it out for you. Shooting/fishing/trapping/flytying/butchering/reloading it does not matter I am interested in them all and keen to learn from everything.



    A to Z of fox control
    Buck fever
    Calling foxes the warreners way
    Calling roe bucks
    Carcass Preperation and Examination DSC2
    Classic deer stalking - trophy heads
    Dave Stretton Butchering
    DMQ2 The Gralloch
    Eating crow
    Fox snaring
    Foxing for a living
    Foxing warrener style
    Gold medal roe bucks
    Hunters video home adventures
    Hunting deer in the royal forests
    Hunting in Poland
    Hunting in the Highlands
    Jacks game
    Kenya Safari 5
    Learning rabbit snaring
    Mid summer Buck stalking
    Monster Bucks XII
    My very best buck 41
    Rabbit snaring
    Rabbiting with the warrener
    Roe buck stalking
    Roe buck stalking with james douglas
    Shooting rabbits
    Shot Placement
    Skin Butcher Cook
    Springtime pest control
    Strictly ferreting
    Swedish adventures
    The art of gate netting
    The best roe of my life
    The duckmen 7
    The Macnab
    The warrener calls and calling
    The warrener calls and calling 2
    Trapping Mink
    Trophy hunting in England

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    Dave, what sort of field sport is the swedish one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Dave, what sort of field sport is the swedish one?
    It does involve birds however im afraid they are fat, black and feathered as opposed to fit, blonde and hairless

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    hi there i would'nt mind a few of them but dont have any to swap would you be intrested in selling some or even copying some ? cheers

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    Guys, I have had a few pm's about these. I maybe did not make it clear enough in the first post but I am NOT selling DVD's. Just looking to swap/trade for others. All PM's replied to so far.

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    You have PM.....

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    Dear David1976
    I have been watching a couple of the hunting films with James Douglas (in the old days on vhs). I would be very interested in seeing the video's again and getting them on dvd. Is your hunting copies on DVD? and for sale? or can be copied?
    I just remember when little sitting and watching the roebuck stalking film, and I am very interested in getting the films (on dvd preferably) in hand again.
    I am myself a young and very avid hunter from Denmark.
    Kind regards
    Jens Rasmussen

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