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    Cast Antlers

    Hi all. starting a new post on antler and skull finds out in the field please Post pictures of you cast antlers and skulls you've FOUND NOT SHOT.Look forward to any of your finds. Here's a few of my finds...

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    Some nice antlers there. The third picture is a particularly interesting head.

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    I've often dragged my feet on family walks around Richmond park keenly looking for casts and have been there a few years running around the right time but have never found one. I've always wondered whether the park rangers specifically go out and pick them up ASAP or whether the general public footfall in the park is so great that they simply all get picked up. I know they get chewed etc so some of you will suggest they disappear "naturally" but in London I don't believe that and besides, the size of one of those casts alone would keep the likes of Fenton or Rannoch busy for a whole year. It'd be interesting if the rangers were indeed collecting and providing them for study but the info available on the deer in the park is very limited and basic.
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    Hi, sorry for the very late reply.. Forgot about this post. The keepers and ranger most defiantly do go out an pick up any cast antlers.. Atleast that's the case in deer parks round my end, they pick them up and sell them by the pound to stick makers/knife handle makers and for dog chews. Shame they get chopped up but at least they aren't going to waste.

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    Hi, apologies for a year long wait on a reply haha, he was a young stag maybe a two year old, his right rear leg was broken on and healed up again (not very well) he hadn't walked on that leg since it broke as his hooves had grown and wound around one another.. I did some research and the funky antler is due to the broken leg, apparently a broken leg on one side can cause a deformed antler on the opposing side of the head (evidently).

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