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Thread: MMMMNN! Warmth at last!

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    MMMMNN! Warmth at last!

    Just been cleaning out the Landy, ready to put the working gear on board for a couple of days, the breeze is cutting like a breadknife!, but out of the the draught the sun is actually burning the back of the neck, 8) real pleasant like, & the sunsets are starting to stretch out a bit too, won't be long now!

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    You forgot to mention the flakes of snow dancing in wind (horizontally )

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    You must be in a meteorological shadow Keith!

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    Blinkin cold here Steve, snow ice, hail ...yukkk

    At last we have just got LPG heating fitted and the old solid fuel heater has gone so we have heat on demand 8) 8)


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    On the subject of heat, I was supposed to be working today & tomorrow, but s**t happens & it appears it's my turn again at the bottom of the hill (S**t tends to run downhill ) I ran the arcgen last night to ensure everything was ok, & ran it again this morning due to the overnight frost pre departure, came up to a nice working temp & I went to make a brew, on my return to the machine it had demonstrated sod's law & had a dynamo meltdown! now that's heat! ......So, back to the drawing board & twiddle thumbs while waiting for the overnight parts to land!

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    I can add another one of those we sold a great big cast iron lister saw bench on fleabay told the bloke just bring your truck over mate I'll load it with my Hiab no probs.
    Bloke turns up saturday morning starts up the wagon, rattle rattle bang fan belt pulley seized up snapped up the fan belt threw off the pulley luckily missing the rad wrapped fan belt into every possible crevice

    Stood ther thinking what the flip am I am gonna do now
    A stroke of luck my mate was about down his old mans farm so borrowed his loader there is a god after all

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    cant wait for them balmy moonlit nights by a loch my marine and our avon 8)

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    Is that the dingdong Avon, or the 40 knot one?

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    that would be a very nice thought a inflatable raiding craft and all that untouched land to play in

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