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Thread: UKDTR training day.

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    UKDTR training day.

    Today I attended the UKDTR training day at Warwick . I would like to thank Richard,Jamie and Tony for an enjoyable and informative day . We started off in the morning discussing different dog breeds used in tracking ,then onto the tracking equipment available .We had a slide show detailing actual deer tracking and of how to use the evidence found at the strike to help indicate where the deer had been hit . After delicious lunch we went outside an had a practical tracking demonstration and we were then given the chance to use our own dogs . If anyone is interested in using there dog to track deer I can recommend attending this course and supporting the UKDTR.


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    I'd like to reiterate the above and add that The venue was very good for the purpose and we were certainly made to feel very welcome.
    There is alot of enthusiasm from the team there and I really feel they have a genuine passion for tracking and the provision of such a service for stalkers.
    I took my little dog who may only be a cross bred (albeit from very good parents) who ii was very pleased with. For all the dogs there was alot of distraction but still they managed some simple little tracks just to show the potential is there.
    I shall give some feed back on the day to Tony, Richard and Jamie. I'll look forward to meeting up again sometime.

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    Thank you for comments gentlemen,it gave me great pleasure to pass on some my passion for tracking under our own banner for the first time, it also pleases me that many of you did show a willingness to take it on further and train your dogs to a high standard and become part of UKDTR team in the future.

    looking forward to to our test and development weekend now in September.

    well done to Rob who came down and completed a 24 hour old cleaves only trail, I didn't get to see it but Jamie tells me it was right on the money.

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    I too would like to say, me and Archie had a fantastic day and the wealth of knowledge from Richard,Tony and Jamie was great and with the sound advice that I was give I can take me and Archie to the next level I would also like to say a special thanks to Sarah for getting Archie to jump into the back of the truck. (the potential hernia now saved) until next time be good??????



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    A couple of pics from yesterday,
    .an intro into shot site training, one of the most important parts of any track training

    .Rob with his Lab
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg   image.jpg  

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    As Tony says
    Thank you for all the kind comments
    From what I saw there were lots of dogs with huge potential
    John real nice pup and will be a credit to you in time
    not much I can say further than wot we spoke about already
    that is a good Bavarian you have there and defo going in the right direction..right pleasure to watch

    you already know which way to go and sure you will .. That is a Nice lab

    luvved the yellow lab Sam ... First ever track and did well
    And credit to Sarah
    she had a cracking spangle that was spot on
    but the day was not about us as the UKDTR
    but more about you guys and gals that attended
    Arwell , Paul ,Craig

    the day has not ended
    as you have any help we can give when ever you ask
    it was a great day all round

    UKDTR. Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    Thanks for a great day. Weather, food, venue and company.

    As as I said on the day I won't be going out every other laying trails and training the perfect tracking dog.

    But what I will do is put some of the info that was discussed into action and try to improve my dogs skills and as always on these courses it is me that has gained the most knowledge not my dog


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