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Thread: Hoplands McNabb - The Triple

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    Hoplands McNabb - The Triple

    Hard one this to put into words just what an amazing day i had out with Alex..

    Looking at the Stalking Late Availability there seemed to be more than a few great comments and more than a few deer

    Not being one to pass up some stalking near to home the day was booked and we met up at 6am..

    The first was a Fallow doe which after being pinged was 240 yards..

    The shot was taken forward of the trees in the background..

    She came in at 80lbs

    The second was a great stalk through woodland onto a beautifull doe which presented herself broadside at 160 yards..

    She came in at 40lbs

    After laughing in the high seat at getting the triple with a munty we spotted one making off away from us.. Got down and tried to stalk into it but were busted..

    Making our way through the rides Alex set me up at a crossroads and i couldnt believe it as a munty buck came out at 140 yards totally unaware of us..

    Shot taken she went off like a scolded cat making about twenty yards into the woods with a good blood trail..

    It was actually a lot earlier than the picture suggests..
    What happened to your camera Alex???

    Alex.. Many thanks for an amazing day, full of excitement,laughter and scores of deer, also many thanks for the munty that will make some good eating

    This young man whose approaching 21 shortly comes highly recommended.. Weve got the Ninja and the Croc so only right to introduce..

    The Young Jedi..

    Well done Alex...


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    Well done, Terry, looks like you had a bloody good day. Think I might well follow your recommendation! ATB, M68.

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    well done mate what a day, i bet your well chuffed.alex you wont get a better advert than that mate well done. speak to you soon tel.

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    Well done There's a day you'll never forget

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    well done on the tripple some nice photos of your succes
    glad that your trip up with the ninja is paying dividends
    regards pete .

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    Fair play Terry, good three deer you have there!

    I've been out with Alex twice now and agree with your comments, he also has a knack of spotting roe that i still couldn't see even after he had poointed them out (must be his his Jedi mind powers).

    I also recognise the place where you shot that fallow...i was laid up there one evening with Alex watching fallow, they were acting very weird, all skittish and didn't present a shot. Thats a hell of a long way, cracking shot!

    Never managed to get a munty, although i have seen them on both visits

    Well done again.



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    What a great day you had Terry, absolutely brilliant. Your getting quite good at this game aren`t you mate.?

    Andy has got a point, when ha asks if you ever work. ?

    Well done to you too Alex, it sounds like you really look after your guests.


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    here me and you been slaving away all day wadas , nice looking munty tel

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    I can certainly say that Alex and Phil are doing a very professional job down at Hoplands and can confirm they are very genuine guys with a passion for what they do. I nicknamed Alex "coleman's" when I first met him as the guy really is "as keen as mustard".

    Well done Pheasant Sniper!!

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    very nice m8, that buck looks a goodin ,
    i can also recommend these guys, been out with them aswell, highly recommended 8)

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