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Thread: Thank god for dogs!

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    Thank god for dogs!

    Went out this morning and got a shot at a wee 4 pointer, seen the bullet strike around the liver area, beast was 3/4 on with it's back to me. Beast jumped up in the air turned and ran into a long grassy ditch. Gave it 15min then went to where I thought it was. After a while I gave up and went home for my dogs, back to where I thought it went in. Both dogs in at that point then back out and ran about 30 yards on, seen 2 tails wagging, dogs on it! What a relief, buck stone dead.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A great example of why its necessary to have a dog. By the way well done on the buck.


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    It's amazing how difficult they are to find in the high foliage sometimes, and equally amazing how easy the dog makes it look in finding them

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    Well done on finding the buck nice looking dogs also.

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    two happy campers right there :-)

    can already see it in their eyes "dad, we 'told' you not to leave us at home!"

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    PKL, this was one of the rare times I didn't take my dogs as I was going straight to work after stalking. Dogs aren't alowed in the base due to the police dogs on camp. Bummer!!

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    Great looking labs, out of interest are they deer trained or more of a gundog with a bit of deer on the side?


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    They are used in all aspects of my shooting, game, beating wildfowl etc. I do try and get them on every deer I shoot though.

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