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Thread: Asleep on my post!

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    Asleep on my post!


    I was out with a few of the usual suspects stalking yesterday & did manage to take a deer at about 8am with the new rifle which I was very pleased with.

    After a trip to the larder & then up to the estate range we had the calling of late morning coffee & the Cromwell Arms!

    Then after a nice special of the day & no alchol I was back up at the top beat of the estate up a seat in the late afternoon sun.

    I dropped off & awoke to find a group of Fallow Does out about 120m over the field in the worst possible position thay could be due to the road proximity, being unable to take a shot they soon had me scoped & did the off in a flash-had I not been asleep I would have seen them emerge from the woods & probably taken one or two from the group.

    I did have to face the boys in a kangaroo court martial later back at the Mourtimers Arms!

    Regs Lee

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    I wish I could say I manged to drop off this morning, 6:30am, snowing, freezing my nuts off for 3 hours and what to show for it...

    cold fingers and toes!

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    Been there done that. I suggest you follow my advice, when up your highseat strip off all the top layers above the waist until you get to your vest this way you'll freeze your chuff off but you wont fall asleep again

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    You werent asleep mate you must have been day dreaming..

    Theres no man alive can beat your caffeine intake..

    The usual suspects spiked your flask and had a warm afty by the fire in the pub



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