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Thread: Where can I buy Powder & Primers in Surrey?

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    Where can I buy Powder & Primers in Surrey?

    I am getting into reloading & have nearly got all the kit together to start reloading. One thing I am not sure of is where can I buy the powder & primers from, as I gather these have to be face to face.? Is this something I can expect to get at a gunshot or do I need to go to a specialist. I will be reloading .308 with 155g Bergers & .243 with 90g Lapua HPBT Scenars to start with. Do they sell a selection at Bisley, as I go there fairly often? Somebody mentioned that there was an importer who was based there? Thanks

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    Reloading Solutions not sure how far you want to drive.


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    In no particular order:-

    GT Shooting Coulsdon
    Fultons of Bisley
    Powells of Reigate might have some.
    AE Clarke which I believe is Camberly

    There are others of course.

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    Reloading solutions is in oxfordshire/north of oxford in Kidlington. Fultons of Bisley will hold some stock and will order anything else that is available. If you wait for one of the arms fairs at Bisley then you find alsorts on the trade stands. HPS have an outlet there which is open whenever it is busy enough for them (give them a bell) they stock a good selection of Vhit powders. GT shooting in Coulsdon might order for you.

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    Beat me to it.

    Wouldn't bother with AE Clarke as they are not really into customer service!

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    give orvil from the site ( mbr sporting ) a try good guy he will have what you want and at a fair price and he is all ways at bisley.

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    2p worth
    at the bisley range booking office, they carry TR140 etc powders and primers at competitive prices bullets try them or fultons
    good man forgot Orvil

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    A E Clarke went to the wall some time ago. Now virtually bugger all with a shop window between Bisley & Salisbury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    A E Clarke went to the wall some time ago. Now virtually bugger all with a shop window between Bisley & Salisbury
    Doesn't really surprise me as they never seemed to want anyone in the shop!
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    It isn't in Surrey, but as you give West Sussex/Surrey as your location, why not try FA Anderson in East Grinstead? but as others have said, the necessaries are readily available at Bisley....

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