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Thread: Anyone know what this is?

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    Anyone know what this is?

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ID:	43987 Hi just wondered if anybody knows what this is and the cause.
    Have a couple of Bulldogs both have been abroad recently and one came with a tick which was promptly removed.
    The younger has this lump just on her ear, I originally thought it to be a tick but after looking closer noticed her hairs are actually coming out of the lump. The lump itself is full of liquid as it quite soft. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks T

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    Could be a grass seed that's got bedded in.

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    Reaction to tick bite or similar. However there are a couple of skin conditions and skin tumours that can look like that, so I'd get it checked out. Anything near an eye has very little room should surgery be needed so get it checked.

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    Could it be a tape worm cyst?

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    Thanks for the replies originally thought it may be a reaction to a tick bite. Going to the vets will let you know what it is afyer I find out.
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    Have spoken to the vets, going in on friday as he says nothing to worry about.
    will let you all know more after Friday.

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    As promised heres the results a blooming wart, nothing to worry about will go of its own accord.
    Thanks for the replys

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