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Thread: First result

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    First result

    Hi all,

    I was was lucky enough, to be invited by the farmer, for an evening on the high seat, met at his house and made a little plan of action , me on the high seat, the farmer with the nv when dark.
    walked to the high seat and placed myself and the rifle in a comfy and safe position, went a little early, the sun was still burning, never mind, just enjoy it.
    after 10 minutes, I noticed to my left a very familiar silhouette and red in color, couldn't believe it, after all the noise to get on that seat, looked down the scope and yessss it's Mr Fox, quick "hey" and down it went at 80 yards, with no pain at all, shot placement was by the book, exit wound even better, geco .243 105gr, did a perfect job.
    I was so chuffed, that called the farmer over, he was very happy too, after helping me down the seat due to over happiness.
    Kindly enough he also taken a photo.

    Ty Mr Farmer
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    Cracking first result. Well done

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    well shot .. good when a plan comes together.. rifle is looking lovely mate

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    Seeing something that scrawny and emaciated, I'd have been tempted to have saved the price of a round and thrown him my sandwich....!

    good result though.

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    Nice work kill any time you can keep it up practice practice for the long drop just in case , you only have a long shot on, if ground allows it well done.
    paul o'

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    Well done Mark. How did "the farmer" get on with his NV?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimo View Post
    Well done Mark. How did "the farmer" get on with his NV?

    Well Jim, you know the old lad in question, do I need to say more on his nv skills😂😂😂😂

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