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Thread: Scone

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    Scone anyone ?
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    Me . Will be there on friday.....scott

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    Sunday for me

    Regards kev
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    Yep, Saturday for me. Outlaws are visiting Sunday.

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    Sunday for me to get some moulded ear protection. We should meet up under the big tree at 1pm. Wear as much cammo as possible and your DSC1 badge so i know your a member here

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    We're there - top end Pheasant Row ( I think ) either opposite the Ahamay machine bloke ( maybe this year his Yamaha flags are printed the right way ) or just down from the place that sells the cheap Dubarry type boots with a large queue of lads waiting to buy boots they'll never wear... you know the one
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    Myself and the other half are planning to go on Saturday


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    I'm on the British Falconers Club stand Friday and Saturday

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    Im on a Dubarry girl Saturday night....

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