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Thread: 6.5 x55 pro's and con's

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    6.5 x55 pro's and con's

    Hi, I've just joined the SD forum.

    I'm interested in your opinion on calibre.

    I'm potentially looking to purchase a 6.5 x55 for mainly roe, fallow and muntjac.

    Could you let me know the positives and negatives for this calibre?

    Many thanks..!

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    Here we go......

    You will get opinions ranging from the swede being God's own favoured calibre through to it is a useless piece of **** fit only for supporting tomatoes.

    Excellent calibre for UK stalking.


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    Hmmm the only downside I can actually think is that American brass is undersided in the head area as they make it the same size as other US designed brass.

    The Swedish cartridge does not seem fussy about powders, I have used H4350 to good effect in it, bullets range from 77 grain to 160 grain. The 120 grain Speer works well .

    There is also a decent selection of rifles chembered for the 6.5x55 as well.

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    Oh Dreary me its time I wasn,t here,I can,t go through this one again

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    I have a 6.5x55 and the pros and cons i can see...

    Pro' will be more than fine for all UK deer species! Nuff said really.
    ..........good range of bullets for reloading.

    Con's....i find it difficult to get factory ammo in the local shops...they can all 'order it in' but i do not wish to buy in bulk and just want the odd box occasionally.

    SO...i've just bought a small re-loading kit...cons solved!!!

    Like has been already said, you will get all sorts of resposes on this calibre but at the end of the day its deer legal and will do the job more than adequatly.

    I would reccommend that you think about re-loading though, it'll be cheaper in the long run!



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    Look back over some of the old post on here ref:6.5X55. It will save us all a lot of time. Even I am board with this subject.



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    lots of reading to do

    I've just been reading some old posts, it seems to be a well covered topic....

    Thanks All

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    Recently I have had the luxury of using both the 6.5 x 55 and .243 whilst out woodland stalking in the same day, so a good chance for comparative purposes.
    I actually prefere the 6.5 x 55 as I feel it is a much more versatile calibre allowing a wide range/scope for future homeloads.

    In fact having just been grated a .243 & .308, I really wish I asked for the 6.5 x 55.

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    Real tree , Don,t be sorry for getting a .308 it,ll do every thing a 6.5x55 will do and then some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brough
    Real tree , Don,t be sorry for getting a .308 it,ll do every thing a 6.5x55 will do and then some.
    Perfectly true, keep the .308 and "one for one" swap the nasty .243 for a nice shiny 6.5x55, you know it makes sense


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