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Thread: Docter 8x56 illuminated

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    Docter 8x56 illuminated

    For sale is my Docter Optics zf 8x56m illuminated, A7 ret with illuminated floating centre cross, 30mm tube, brand new Butler Creeks front and rear, this has just come back from Docter after a full service and removal of a speck inside the scope, it is now as new there are a couple of tiny marks on the body but nothing really noticeable the lenses are 100% looking for 450 posted for this top notch German scope.
    Atb Jase.

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    Provisionally sold.

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    thank god for that!
    I would have had to buy it myself at that price!

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    Back up for sale again, (see my Eurobolt .270 in the firearms section)

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    Yes please, you have PM. Chris.

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