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Thread: BMH Dog, 1 year old, to re home.

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    BMH Dog, 1 year old, to re home.

    Hello & thanks for looking

    Firstly due to a massive change in my personal circumstances, I am looking to re home one of my BMH dogs, he is 13 months old, he is pretty well part trained & tracking, with a very keen nose & hunting instinct.

    However I just no longer have time to train two dogs as they are just not getting enough seperate field time to work to their full potential, the following is a breakdown of his details:

    Bavarian Mountain Hound Dog (intact), 13 months old
    KC registered togeter with all papers & Family Tree.
    Micro chipped & all health jabs done at age 16 weeks, (with health card)
    Fully House trained with a very good temprement around children & other dogs.
    He has no health or behaviour issues (can be a little trappy though at times).
    He is part trained, will sit for hours under a highseat quitely & has started tracking, his is not atall gun shy, (only been around modorated rifles though)

    All in all he needs a good working owner that is happy to work with & develop him, so hes an ideal BMH for an owner that dosent want all the small puppy issues.

    I am based in the New Forest Hampshire & am looking for 450 for him to a good working home

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    pm sent

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    Pm sent as well - Chris.

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