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Thread: Right, off to a Peacock shoot tomorrow

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    Right, off to a Peacock shoot tomorrow

    Just had a call to "assasinate" 5x Peacocks tomorrow.
    Yes, it is legal. Yes I have AOLQ on my ticket.

    Anybody got any recipes? I'm guessing they're just a large pheasant.

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    this is a new one on me! best of luck.

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    only posh Pheasants have fun feller tell us if you get them to fly

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    Older ones can be really tough, but nice slow cooked an put in a pie with mushroom and leek. The young ones are very nice roasted. Similar to guinea fowl.

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    100 quid a bird that's up there with driven grouse lol
    a barony original

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    My pal had dozens fly over his pens and got the OK to cull them... Eating them never came into it.

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    Will not take a lot of shooting, .22 to the head, they ate moulting now , so rails should be short.

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    make burgers ,or buy a bigger roasting tin,!

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    posted a recipe a while back, a search may find it in 'does any one want a peacock' atb

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    Seeing as the other thread got shut, and I'm still curious - what did you shoot it with?

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