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Thread: Just Out For A look About

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    Just Out For A look About

    Last evening i just went to have a look around a few fields now that the grass has been mown and cleared away, i drove to one of the highest points on This Farm and parked up under the hedge, from this area i could see a good quantity of one Farm and a few fields of 2 more of my shooting grounds.It was'nt long after i had switch off the engine when 2 Hares came lolloping down the slope towards my Truck , i stayed still and they passed with in 20 feet of me and then at the top of the Field some 200yrds away a last years Roe Doe put in an appearance i was hoping that there may be a Buck going to come out into the open but none showed.I was watching the young Roe for a good hour and a half and in that time i saw more Hares plenty of Cock Pheasants strutting their stuff i also saw Green Woodpeckers , Buzzards,and all manner of small birds, Most of the Fields i could see had young Beef Animals Patrolling up and down the Hedge rows it was while i was scanning around one Field i noticed a Roe Doe come out into the lower part of the Farm some 300 plus yards from me she was followed by her this years youngster, i stayed watching them and she must have either lost one Kid or only produced one she was keeping a close eye on her new born and not moving to far away from him i say him it could have been a her but to far and to small to see.The young Kid suddenly started practicing his standing starts then after 20 feet or so he started doing wheelies up the Field for 30/40 yards then he put in a handbrake turn and back down the Field towards Mum still doing wheelies and zigzagging with Handbrake turns, it was really very entertaining, it just goes to show that it pays to take a bit of time out from looking down the scope through the cross hairs and just sit and take in what else is going on in the Fields we so often Stalk.

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    Nice write up, I could have almost been there, yes it's nice to take time out and watch the world go by this is what great memories are made of.

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