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Thread: Rolling file tool

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    Rolling file tool

    Hi any body got a spare rolling file tool that sits on a chainsaw bar allowing to sharpen my chain as I've lost mine.

    Happy to paŷ if any one can help

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    Any dealer will do them. They are pitch specific though, 3/8 .325 etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Any dealer will do them. They are pitch specific though, 3/8 .325 etc.
    True mate, I came away without purchasing one and wondering if someone had one surplus. Pitch wise it's 325. Thought I'd rather line someone's pockets on here than manufacturers.

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    are they stamped or what martin, Attachment 44009 this is what ive got?
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    You can get the files for under a quid each off the bay, the kit costs about £12.

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    Buy an electric sharpener, about £40 on the fleabay, I've got one, will never go back to files.

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    Use an Oregon Power Sharp set up, I will never go back now to normal chains.
    The power sharp lasts better, cuts more aggressively and is as sharp after sharpening as a new chain,
    and also lasts as long after sharpening as the new chain did.
    OREGONĀ®: Catalogue Forestry ODCP


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