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Thread: Deerhunter Montana Trousers

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    Deerhunter Montana Trousers

    Anybody got the Deerhunter Montana Trousers?

    Im looking for some trousers which should be good in the 'not so warm but not so cold' months. Lets say from October - mid December.

    Are these great for this, or are they made as Winter pants?

    Oh, its the model where the membrane can be taken out.

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    I find mine good for the warm weather, once the membrane is removed, then your just left with the outer layer which is quite thin,

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    I like the Deerhunter Ram Trousers with Hitena

    warm and dry but not over the top for walking around and with the over Hitena on the lower half just keep the legs that bit dryer.

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    I have had mine for at least 5 years, they are hardwearing. Hot if you leave the membrane in during summer. I have managed to rub the knees and arse out of the membrane on the hill. I would definitely consider another pair

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    Good trousers, have had mine for a while now, had a 'wardrobe malfunction' with the membrane a time or two bit easily repairable. Have a spare unused pair in elephant size for when these wear out which doesn't look like being anytime soon. When it gets really cold I'd recommend their 'Rusky' range. Chris.

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    They are very good. Go for them.

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