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Thread: Federal supply.

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    Federal supply.

    Why has Federal .243 100g and .22.250 ammo supplies dried up??

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    As I discovered when I tried to by .308 it's because the uk represents less that 0.5% of the sales of federal ammo! over 90% staying in the USA and Canada, they don't need our business....... Apparently GMK have a back order that will take 2 years to clear and they aren't adding to it with new orders, so best find a different brand for now me thinks.
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    I found out last week that the "Trading Post" tourist tat shop in Buckhorn, Ontario had a hunting and fishing tackle department in the basement. They had liads of Federal Power Shok in .308 and .30-06. More than I've ever seen in London. And that was just the local corner shop. As to Bass Pro, I didn't even know that such quantities of ammunition existed. Rubbish firearms selection though.

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    Since late 2010, Federal has been fililng a US contract for the new M855A1 round, 200 million of them.

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    My two Sauers hate Sako, RWS and got a scare with Winchesters so what next??

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    or buy a Tikka?

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    Hmm down to my last box of 243 and 270 power shok..... I do have a box of PPU in 270 yet to try but its the staple 243 that I will need shortly. Will have to take a trip round the local suppliers and see who has what but dont like changing.

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    Mallochs have plenty but i'm not paying 30/box for them.

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