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Thread: sneeky spaniels

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    sneeky spaniels

    i got a phone call from the missis to tell me my two cockers were at it like rabbits and tyed which isnt really a problem as i was half thinking of having some pups anyway the sneeky bit comes from that the last time my bitch broke down was 9 months ago there has been no sign of her being in season ,and until this morning my dog has shown no intrest as have no other dogs for the last fortnight .Before now my bitch has come in season once a year like clock work she is only 3 now so i would guess that nothing should of changed, these two dogs are kennelled together and in the past as soon as she has started to come in season ive had to sperate then as he becomes a proper sex pest and they spend there time fighting .Has anyone had similar experiences or are they a pair of sneeky gets that thought they were clever cheers Brian

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    I recall a very much in season bitch being brought to my stud dog and to be honest he did not show the slightest bit of interest. When she was brought in she was on her 12th day (according to the bitch owner) doing all the right things to get him interested but he hardly even raised an eyebrow. The bitch stayed with me for almost a week and ever day I tried her with the dog but nowt doing. I was beginning to get comments from my mates about my dogs preferences. I had almost given up and on what would be her 18th day decided to give it one more try. Within seconds the deed was done and they were tied for 22 minutes resulting in 8 very healthy pups. Nature knows more than we do.

    The times of bitches coming into season is not set in stone and some bitches can be very clean so that you do not notice the tell tale drops of blood but I am surprised that you had not visually noticed her in season as by the time your dog saw his chance she must have been quiet swollen.

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    thats the thing gazza she isnt hardly swollen at all compaired to normal and today my dog still isnt showing much intrest but she is. i used my dog to line my farthers bitch and i was 6 days from when she should of stood but the good side is that he produced 6 good pups ,and now mine have done the buisness ive already had plenty of intrest in the possible future pups with at least four ordered if they appear so its not all bad but still strange

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    whats the pedigree's as i am looking for a new spaniel pup this year
    also which area
    kind regards

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    stone ill get the pedigrees out tomorrow sire is out of ftch whaupley riva dam is well bred not sure lines but between me and my farther we have owned a dog out of the last five generations dams pedigree has lots of jordie land field trail dogs in

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