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Thread: Legal caliber for Hungarian boar

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    Legal caliber for Hungarian boar

    Whats the legal minimum caliber rifle for shooting boar in Hungry please. I know there is a recommended caliber but is there a legal requirement?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your rifle needs a minimum energy of 2500 joules at 100 meters and recommended calibers of 7mm and above from what I can find on Google.
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    Tell me what you've got and I'll tell you if I've seen it in use when I was there.

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    Thanks for your replies lads. It was more of a hypothetical question as the research i've done there seems to be an advisory but nothing set in stone legally.

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    hunting firearm with a rifled barrel caliber less than 7 mm (but not more than 12 mm) and the length of the chamber is not less than 51 mm;

    Fire smooth-bore hunting long arms, including the length of the threaded portion of not more than 140 mm using bullet cartridges;

    hunting firearm combined (rifles and shotguns) weapons, including removable and supplementary rifled barrel;

    cold bladed hunting weapon.

    Permitted mining boar under 1 year using cartridges filled with buckshot

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