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Thread: 32mm v 40mm scope

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    32mm v 40mm scope

    I am looking at a new scope for my 22 hornet. How much more light is gathered by a 40 mm scope over a 32. I like the idea of the 32 for its low mounting and lighter weight but if you get loads more light through a 40 mm scope then higher mounts can be lived with.

    Any thoughts gratefully received

    Regards pete

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    The .22 Hornet is not a long range or powerful round.. just wonderfully accurate. So you won't be shooting far at night.

    The human eye can dilate to 7mm or less. 32mm set at 7mm exit is 4.5x, plenty for close in work in poor light.

    A friend of mine runs a Leupold 3-9x33 EFR on his Hornet.
    My brother runs a Leupold 2.5-8x36mm on his .22 Hornet.

    I love the Burris 2-7x35 with Ballistic Plex reticle, a great size for a smaller rifle, and very bright, only $150 on sale prices in the USA.

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    Thanks for that southern. What calculation is it to work out the exit pupil size at different magnifications and objective lenses please. I have a Nikko Stirling nighteater 4-10 x 44 scope on the hornet at the moment which is a foot long and looks huge. I usually use this on 6 x magnification and although the height of the scope is good being a touch lower would suit me more

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    In very simple terms simply divide the size of the objective lens by the magnification to give the exit pupil size. For example a 6x42 scope will give an exit pupil size of 7 and funnily enough so will a 8x56 though this will obviously have a higher manification.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    The coating of course make a difference in light transmission but cutting reflection on the surface of the lens. An ideal scope would be a Khales 4L2 ................................... if you can find one that is. It's alloy bodied and not overly large. The Pecar Champion 4x35 is probably a mite long for what you wanting.

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    3-9x36 on my Hornet, does all I need, including shooting under a moon with no lamp.


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    Yes, we are bumping up past 32mm, so I must say an older used Swaro 3-9x36 Nova is quite a value.

    Burris makes a small, 4.5-14x32mm AO scope for .22s, .22 Hornets, small .223s, with BDC reticle.

    I am shooting targets at 200 yards and feral pigeons at 120 with a 4x32mm Hawke HD Mil Dot, using a .22 LR... Now have a 2-7x32 AO mil dot for another .22.

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    try the leup vx 1 2-7x33, cracking scope!

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    So am i right in thinking that a larger lense just lets you see at low light with a higher magnification not that the lenses themselves actually let more light. I am surprised that the smaller scopes seem as popular but glad that others seem to find they suit the hornet

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    An 8x56 is going to gather more light, and deliver it to your eye. It is scope which had its origins in WWII and in night hunting wild boar from a stand.

    A good 6x42 is going surprise you with how much you can see just by a little moonlight.

    But on a Hornet, you will be surprised at how much you can see with a scope more in scale with the rifle, like a 2-7x33 Leupold or just a 4x33mm.

    A fixed power has fewer lenses, so with the same glass and coatings, will transmit a little more light.

    But if you are using a lamp, you will not have to worry about light-gathering. And you are not shooting by moonlight at long range with a .30 caliber rifle, as these larger scopes were designed to do for the military.

    Go small and light weight. Buy or borrow a small 4x and try it for a while.

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