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Thread: Red letter day foxing

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    Red letter day foxing

    Helllo all

    I thought I would share with you last nights foxing outing that was a bit of a red letter day for me.

    To set the story , I’m lucky enough to have access to reasonable amount of land for foxing and general shooting . This piece of land in question is on a slight hillside that drops into a wood and about 500-600acres of thigh high rush that you could loose a herd of rhino’s in.

    I was using my Rem 7 rifle in .204 with 32gr Zmax bullets , both my spotting and rifle lights are NM800 with red LED & using a FoxPro caller

    I am normally quite a regular visitor to this location and have taken quite a few foxes of it since Christmas , only 12 days ago I shot a dog & vixen off another farm that is only 600m as the crow flies from where I was tonight.

    Due to shift work ,family ,weather , holidays etc I haven’t on this particular piece for a good 3 weeks , I only went there tonight because I had only that morning returned from a family holiday and climbed into bed at at 4am . I just fancied an evening sat in the warm sun hopefully looking at possibly bagging a fox cub as the evening set in and not staying out late.

    I was in position at the top of this hill at 9pm I had my FoxPro caller in a tree 5 feet up with a couple of freshly shot crows (shot with .204) suspended just off the floor after being dragged about the area quite a bit so there was plenty of smell and bits to entice.

    I was positioned about 110m from the caller & bait on top of this small hill , because of the rush/reed , the woods and some thick hedges the foxes just appear there is no advanced warning .

    It was still reasonably light and I ran the FP caller with a fox cub distress almost instantly I saw 3 fox cubs come running out of the rush towards where the caller was , I paused the caller and watched as the cubs were following now the crow scent.

    I put the caller on low and watched as two of the three cubs went below the caller where one of them sat down and just looked up into the tree at it mesmerised by it.

    With me laying next to the rifle on the bipod it was simple getting into position and lining up the first fox , cross hairs on his bib gentle squeeze on the trigger and there was an solid “Thwack “ and it just folded on the spot . Fox number 2 just stood and watched on and few seconds later it went the same way , No 3 fox cub ran but a quick blast on the caller of cub distressed stopped it …bang …No 3 in the bag .

    With the caller still running cub No 4 popped out and came in I rushed the shot and missed ……Grrrr……it didn’t run far and stopped …..Bang …No 4 down that was a frantic 15 seconds .

    I stopped the caller reloaded and got my breath , foxes were recovered and its back to my spot . I changed from bipod to my preferred tripod sticks , there was still a slight hint of light left but not enough to see foxes at over the 50 meter mark . I ran the caller for a few more minuets when out popped cub No 5 25m from me , a quick free standing shot and it was in the bag.

    I moved positing 50m to cover more areas I didn’t run the caller for a good while just looking with the NM800 , fox No 6 spotted 200m off un-mute the caller and in it comes when its at 150m ….bang its down this was a cub but far bigger than the first 5

    No 6 recovered and as soon as I was in position No 7 appeared in almost the same spot and it was following the scent trail of No 6 and guess what same fate as No 6 .

    Over the next hour running the caller on & off I shot foxes No 8 ,9 & 10
    (all bigger cubs) , I was starting to get worried as I only had two rounds left . I changed the call to a fox locating call and about 15 minuets later an adult vixen appeared she was not fazed by my light and it looked like she was smelling the crow bait ….few seconds later she was down.

    Over the course of 3.5hrs I shot 11 foxes .
    1 x adult vixen (good size) approx weight 13 lbs
    6 x male cubs
    4 x female cubs
    12 shots fired and 11 foxes shot
    All foxes shot dropped to the shot.
    4 cubs shot off bipod
    6 off tripod sticks
    1 free hand shot
    closest shot 25m furthest 160m
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20140701_001513.jpg 
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Name:	20140701_001526.jpg 
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    It appeared the cubs were off two different litters as there was a distinct size difference between them .

    All these foxes were shot off an area of 3 acres in size , I took a few pics of the foxes and sent to the farmer and decided to call it a night . This night was defiantly a red letter foxing day for me .

    Hope you enjoyed this little read …..Neil
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    Not often it works like that'well done once shot 9 from my house window.good read an good shooting. Stuart

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    Congratulations. A night to remember.

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    Nice to have a good evening this time of year after the cold sometimes fruitless nights of winter, well done!

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    Nice one, Neil, some good shooting there - and some good writing, too. Well done, that man!.

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    Beats shooting a deer anyday . Well done!
    Atb Steve

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    Cracking effort Neil, congratulations and well done, truly a night to remember!

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    Well done, its the nights like these that make you forget all the days and nights when you draw a blank and are cold and wet.

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    good effort mate, well done

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