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Thread: Well, what can I say!! Very happy bunny!! Thanks JagerSA!

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    Well, what can I say!! Very happy bunny!! Thanks JagerSA!

    So I decided to take the plunge and get my .243 shortened, re-crowned and re-threaded with James (JagerSA) and also took my .308 along to get it checked over and to get them both the same length.

    While I was there chatting away he showed me his rifle that has been cerakoted and after he told me the price to get both barrels done, it took me all of 3 seconds to say yes please!! It's nice to meet someone who doesn't want to rip the arris out of your wallet!!!

    Picked them up on Monday and what can I say other than top work fella, they look great and the colour match to suit the parkerised actions is pretty much spot on!! I need to get some pics taken later.

    What I wasn't expecting though was the tightening of the groups I got when re-zeroing last night!! The old ZKK601's have always liked PPU ammo and the .243 especially likes the 100gr SP's now as you can see! This was off a bipod on a home made bench at 100yds with a bit of wind blowing about.

    What factors could have affected the rifle in particular? The shortening/re-crowning, the fact the barrel may have been worn at the crown, or a combination of everything??

    I had a quick try with the 150gr PPU in the .308 (I normally use 165gr) while I re-zero'd and they are ok for my stalking to 150 yards but could a re-crown also tighten this up the same?

    The .204 is my buddy Dale's, which I think is due a clean as that is normally tighter than that too, but all in all for factory ammo we aint complaining!!

    This is his Howa 1500 set up, now with a 5 shot mag conversion he just got off someone on here and you can hear how blowy it got while we were there!!


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