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Thread: a morning out with a gun

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    a morning out with a gun

    I decided late night whilst at work that I would take the shotgun for a walk this morning and put a few decoys out on some peas. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining and all looked right with the world, unless of course you are decoying and you dont want the decoys to shine.
    I arrived at the farm a bit later than intended at 0845. Took a walk around a field of peas near where I had parked, nothing moved. Oh well. I then decided to walk around the edge of farm, it does not take too long as its about 250 acres. The fields are mostly wheat with four fields of peas dotted about. I was walking round the outside of a wheat field, the outside had been trimmed, when I saw the back end of a rabbit next to the crop. Game on I thought. As I got closer and I could see more of it, it was only about half size if that. I stopped to see where it was going, then it noticed me and scarpered.. Next thing I know a fox comes running round he corner and almost jumps into the long grass. It then run up and down looking for it. All the time I am stood about 35 yards away watching what was going on. This went on for a few minutes until I moved, at which point the fox thought oops and run off.

    to be continued later this evening as I now have to go to work

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    part two

    I walked into a field of peas and did not see anything of interest, so I thought I would get a move on so I could check out another pea field. I got about 3/4 of the way round when up pops a muntjac buck. We both look at each other for a few minutes, then he casually runs off. Upto this point I had not seen any pidgeons. Oh well it was an interesting morning.
    I got to the last pea field and set up my decoys. Pidgeons flew by but had no intension of stopping on my side of the field. Mean while over the other side a few had landed. Oh well time to move. Iset up on the otherside of the field and had a few come in close, but not close enough to shoot at. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement in a neighbouring farms corn field. Sure enough it was three fallow laying in the corn.As the decoys had gone quiet I watched them for a while. Then raising from the wood where I had first set up a buzzard started to ride the thermals. A wounderful sight.
    As time was getting on and I had to be at work I thought I had better pack up and go home.
    I picked the decoys up and started walking back to the farm where my car was parked.I was not paying much attention as I walked round a bend in the field, but a rabbit sat on the edge. I thought great. The only trouble was it was in line with the farmers caravan and house, although they were a fair distance away I did not want any pellets bouncing off the hard ground.
    I started to stalk it, I had a few yards when it sat bolt upright. which made me stop in my tracks. I sat back down after a few moments but banged its back feet in warning. I slowed right down and thought I would see how close I could get before I took the shot.
    Work was forgotten about for the moment as I took things really slow, next thing I know I voice behind me calls my name. It was the farmers wife on her horse. Oh dear. Needlees to say the rabbit said goodbye. How close did I get Well I paced it out to 15 paces. No shots fired but a great morning, and so to work

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    nice write up and a nice outcome ,doug,

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    An interesting read, it's not just about pulling the trigger is it
    Nice one

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