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Thread: Theoben Fenman or Evolution in .20

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    Theoben Fenman or Evolution in .20

    As per above, must be in good condition and not been tinkered with.
    Must be ambi stock as I'm a leftie.

    If Fenman then would prefer the late model with the h.e system.

    Only looking for .20

    I sold a Fenman years ago and regret it, trying to turn the clock back .

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    If it's of any interest, I have a HE Eliminator in .20 that I'll let go. Running at 800fps with premiers. It is right handed, but wouldn't take much to re shape the roll over comb to suit.
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    I ve been looking for one for while, but not found one close yet, I have seen a few on guntrader and on airgun bbs in the past, might be worth a post on there

    good luck

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    Got my .20 out of retirement last week to sort some local squirrels, not sure why i ever stopped using it, its been the best fun I've had for ages, not so for the furry little feckers.

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