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Thread: Deer sling query .....

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    Deer sling query .....

    The deer sling you can buy from bushwear for a tenner that comes with small brass loops at each end...
    Deer Carrier Cordura : deer carrier cordura

    do you just pull the sling thru the loops to create the loop to go over the roe legs ?


    do you attach wee bit ok para cord or similar on the legs then attach to the loops

    I tried it on a beast last night by just pulling the sling length thru on it self to create a loop but wouldn't "bite" on the front legs at all just slipped
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    I would of thought the way you tried it.

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    That's what I thought ....
    need another beast to practice !

    obviously "missed summit" Maybe being crack handed i try looping other way thru or similar


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    Your first suggestion but you have to slide the loop over the leg joint to prevent it from slipping upwards.

    I use an uncle mikes call lanyard which has 2 hangman type loops on each end and these will slip up if you do not slide them over the joint. Suggest you carry a piece of cord to tie back the roe head to the rear strap to stop it dangling down and the antlers digging in your leg.


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