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Thread: Bloody foxes!!!!

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    Bloody foxes!!!!

    There is a feckin vixen screaming her head off outside my house at the moment, I wish I had the shooting round here!!!!!!!

    (Sorry had to have a rant it's getting on my tits )

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    It might not be kosher but pinging it with an air gun will likely make it think again about it's calling spot

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    what aftershave you wearing .....

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    If it's any consolation I shot a vixen still well in heat last week.

    Anyone else still seeing them 'courting'?


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    Bloody Foxes!!!!!!

    Still going strong down here, it really is very late for them still to be mating, however I shot a vixen last week in cub so it has been a very long mating season. They started calling etc: in mid November!

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    Hi Guys,

    Agree has been v long courting season in South Glos, 3 weeks ago I spent about 20mins trying to get a shot at a pair in pre nuptial activity, but they would not stay still. I think I heard the first ones calling in mid/late December

    Shot two dog foxs on Tues Eve, both in company of vixen's, last one was a pair close together and calling and could not get on the vixen, but the dog lingered for a second, and that was all I needed.

    Last Tues shot a huge vixen, which was v heavy but did not look that pregnant, no obvious developement of teats so no where near giving birth if she was pregnant. Saw lots of pairs of tracks in the snow last month.

    Currently place appears alive despite shooting at least 2 per week since before x mas, all big, with very good coats. The dog fox I shot on Tues was v big, at least as big as a 23lb oneI shot last year, normally vixens weigh in at about 16-18lb and dogs 18-20, but need to put scales in motor .


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    Wow Cyres 23lb dog fox!

    Thought I was doing well on Sunday night with a dog at 16lbs (also shot the vixen which only weighed 11lbs).


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    Although you could not feasibly shoot them out of an area all together, we have achieved some good culls resulting in a very happy group of farmers, & recent snowfalls have revealed very low numbers of fox visits on the yards & stock areas, also noticed this year lots of damaged silage wrapping & sheeting, where the foxes have been getting a warming kip! 8)

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    Most of the foxes we shoot are on two farms with thousands of free range chickens, and despite extensive fencing, some chickens escape and are easy fox prey.

    The big dog fox I shot last year with a .204 loked huge, but a couple we shot this year have been eaqually as big. I will put my pike scales in the motor and get some accurate weights for you. However doing so will be a kiss of death, like carrying a good camera when you go fishing!!


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    Saw dog and vixen tied on Wednesday about 9.30am while driving to work and another two hanging about together the next morning,different area, the vixens still seem to be in season.
    Maybe the really cold weather we had last month has knocked them back a bit.


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