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Thread: Roe Buck still not in summer coat

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    Roe Buck still not in summer coat

    Last night we saw a lovely young 6 point roe buck in the finest of condition, lovely summer coat and a realy great tall head which looked medal class to me, we watched him for a good 10 mins in lovely sunlight at 120 yds.

    Later on we came across another buck and doe. We pulled into a gateway and watched them at 60 yds oblivious to us and the passing female runner in her pink lycra.

    This appeared to be a much older buck with a smaller but much thicker darker set of antlers(again could well of been a medal head) and his danglies were very pronounced, prehaps that what the pretty little young doe was intrested in. Anyway this old fellow was still moulting and a fair percentage of his coat was grey quite a contrast to the young buck we saw earlier.

    Steve was well impressed but sadly both were off limits as the later was on the wrong side of the road, typical however it was pleasing to see two such contrasting animals.

    Seems a very strange year: also this am I saw from the train probably 15 yards away a lovely doe with two very well grown kids which were months old, yet last week in the locality a mate came across a roe kid still in spots which was less than a week old, go figure that.


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    Hi David
    I saw a doe last week still in her winter coat doesn't appear to have a kid in tow but didn't get a good look at her to see what condition she was in

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    I would say there could well be an issue with this buck then. Still in winter coat at this time of the year, and you could see his wedding tackle!!

    I would take the decision to take him out if he appears on your side, there is something not quite right with him to my mind.
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    Well this laddy was very well endowed, and as you say was surprised to see he was retaining a good proportion of his winter coat. If he strays a couple of fields then there might be a chance to get a shot but you know they are crafty beggars. Went past the same field last night nothing to be seen.

    His head was short dark and quite thick (was using 10x50 Leicas) to watch him and have not seen him before so lets hope we get a chance.


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    It be interesting to hear the out come if you do manage to get a shot at him,

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