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  • Would undertake additional certification to improve my deer CV

    70 65.42%
  • Would attend training to learn and happy with a certificate of attendance

    34 31.78%
  • Would attend awareness days with topical presentations

    23 21.50%
  • Not interested in training or certificates, only want to stalk and

    14 13.08%
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Thread: New Qualification Ready, Just CofA or Just Awareness Days?

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    New Qualification Ready, Just CofA or Just Awareness Days?

    Survey Request – This is not an advert for available training

    Please take the time to choose the option that fits your opinion best and if you could say what type of stalking you do ie, recreational on private land, forestry company lease or paid outings etc and mention. This is to help give an understanding of needs and demands in the deer community.

    Assessed Certification – confirms achievement and adds depth and management credibility to your deer management CV
    Certificate of Attendance – offers the same course but only shows you have attended the training provided
    Awareness Day presentations – provides topical presentations of key subject matter to increase your awareness of important issues but without depth and recognition of attendance/completion

    The DSC1 and 2 qualifications are industry accepted and a very good baseline for knowledge, understanding and skills but there are many skills gaps that are not addressed in the undertaking of these qualifications.
    There are 9 key skills areas that are not included in DSC1 which have investigated to develop skills gap training with the option of assessment and awareness training to be delivered at little or no cost to practitioners to plug these skills gaps.

    These skills gaps include:

    Risk Assessment and document construction specific to deer management areas
    Conducting deer counts, census and cull planning
    The public perception and working in sensitive areas

    A complete package has been developed which can provide formal training to allow for assessed Lantra Certification of achievement or simply certificate of attendance for people who just want to learn but not be assessed. The training materials may also be rolled out as awareness based presentation days/events which would be delivered in a similar fashion to the recent Competance Awareness Day at East Kilbride at very little or no cost to attendees. The materials have been developed to address skills gaps and increase awareness, not as a money spinner and no course is timetabled at this time.

    The information from this survey will be used to best plan for what people need and want in terms of CPD or formal training or a mixture of both.
    This is not intended as a discussion but an important survey so please do not post contentious opinions or statements ie. Many thanks


    PS.... win a bottle of whisky for taking part!! I will put all the names of people who contribute (positively even if against any form of training) to this thread with their info and opinions in a hat and draw a winner when the poll closes.
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    My opinion is that i would do training and assessment to get new certification to improve my deer cv, subject knowledge and skills. I stalk on both private and forestry company leases and am a leaseholder so anything that gives me a better standing is a benefit to me.

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    Are these not topics covered on the advanced deer managers courses run by bds or jelen?

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    BDS course does:
    • Report Writing
    • Deer Management Principles & Tutorials
    • Census Techniques
    • Population Dynamics
    • Cull Planning
    • Cull selection
    • Deer and Forestry
    • Deer and Agriculture
    • Health and Safety
    • Economics
    • Food Safety and Larders
    • Disease
    • Law
    • Park Deer
    • Record Keeping

    some overlap but in the new scheme several elements are specific to sensitive area deer management, can we keep it on the survey though. A new thread though is fine if you want to explore the new scheme. You're not in the running for the whisky yet Mike.
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    how do i improve my chances for the whisky

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    For my own circumstances of paying for recreational stalks on private ground, I see paper qualifications as an advantage and will in due course seek to acquire more.

    atb Tim
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    I would say training and assessment to build a better CV and enhance skills to open more doors. I Stalk private ground forestry lease and paid stalking.

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    Done, looking forward to the whiskey!

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    I picked the top one. As a novice aspiring to one day maybe have my own ground to stalk, I agree that knowledge and experience are essential, but in a world which values qualifications in addition to experience, I'd like to have both for the best chance.
    See my blog for - My kindly sponsored DSC1 course and chart my progress from deer virgin to stalking veteran
    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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    I am not normally for training I have been brought up to get out there and just get on with it. But and it is a big but the deer sector are pushing us hard to get qualified that is headed by the BDS and BASC. The public decision makers in charge of the deer sector (SNH FCS) want the land owners /Managers to deal with deer related problems. The local authority's want assurances from the deer sector that the people they let on there ground are fit for purpose. At this moment in time SNH and FCS have control of public grounds and are normally the one's that decide what's what . This might continue and if that is the case all is well. But should any one want to manage deer on public grounds I would suggest they would need to be qualified to satisfy the local authority's. Lev one is not up to the task and LEV2 in Scotland is a laughing stock more have been bought than have been achieved.
    There is also the matter of what standard SNH will set,

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