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Thread: Moving fawns/kids from silage

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    Moving fawns/kids from silage

    As part of a civils job we are doing at work, an area of long grass is due to be sprayed off tmoro ready to be cut and bailed next week. The area is then being ploughed and drilled with maize for a study the week after. I mentioned the fact that there may be young deer in the grass today to the study manager and that someone should walk through asap to move anything on. Seeing as I sounded like I knew what I was doing I've been asked to sort it last minute!!

    Would walking through the grass an hour or so before spraying be sufficient in the morning? I plan to get here early doors tmoro for an initial recce as no-one else will arrive on site til about 8.30am!
    If I/we come across any youngsters, what is the best way to move them on if they lay up to prevent our scent getting on the animal?
    Do you just move them to the nearest area that won't be affected by the spraying, or the next field?
    Are they likely to return in the next few days so we'll have to repeat the excercise before they cut the grass?


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    Sorry for a stupid question but why are they spraying and baleing? Never ever heard of that before.

    If bales not for agri would imagine better of spraying and mulching will save tractor time (1 pass rather than cutting baling and carting)so nothing to haul of site to give u some green fert? But i'm no farmer. Maize does usually take a lot of slurry/Nitrogen/fert
    Also is it not very late to be planting maize? Most round here needs to be in first week in May (usually under plastic up here) but could be different further south
    Final strange thing usually fields are sprayed well in advance with Roundup or siilar so gets plenty of time to really kill roots, roundup can be quite a slow acting weed killer compared to many others.
    Sure u boys know wot ur doing but just never heard of it before

    There was a thread further down somone runs his pointer over the field to move fawns on before farmer cuts his crop, would imagine u might have to do it again before cutting depending wot the cover is like. If u have a dog would be handy.

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    Depending on the area and the age of the roe, they take a lot of finding,
    country boy, the trouble with tryin to incorporate green material into a seed bed even if mulched is that it takes nitrogen out of the ground while rotting, and so the only advantage is it will improve the soil structure. but cost you more in fertiliser.
    I am assuming this is for game cover, so the later ripening will help it stand up better in the shooting season.
    The spraying is confusing unless they are spraying with a sugar based substance to improve the quality of silage bales, We trialled this in the 80s,

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    big carp net ! no scent iv never done it but better than being hit by the cutters

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    Cheers chaps, I have no idea about the why's and wherefores of the bailing and cutting etc as it's for a scientific study so is anybody's guess?!

    I just don't want them to chop up anything in the process!!
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    The spraying off with roundup is to kill the grass. About 5-7 days after spraying you cut and bale; the stubble is then dead and you can plough and reseed without all the old grass and weeds coming back. As for moving fawns/calves if they are young enough that you can catch them and you put them down somewhere outside the field being cut they will probably try to get back to where they started as they know thats where mum will be looking for them.
    Sorry, don't have any real help for you.

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    Stratts, I try to walk fields with my dog, in the morning, before cutting. By now the kids are big enough to get up and run like **** when they see the dog, so you probably won't need to handle any kids this late in the year.
    If you can get help from someone with a good dog that would be the best option as you might walk straight past them otherwise.
    Depending on the dog, you may also want to keep him on a long lead otherwise he might give chase and catch hold of them.
    Good luck!

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    the fawns ive seen in this last week as buckaroo said have all moved when approached its amazing how close you can get but when theyre up their running

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    Thanks chaps alas no access to a dog this late in the day but this time year I hope to have my own!!
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    How about getting another person to help and drag a long length of rope across the field back and forth as though you were pair trawling?

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