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Thread: Zeiss 3-12 x 50

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    Zeiss 3-12 x 50

    Hi Guys just after a bit of advice really, I currently use a Schmidt 8 x 56 which is great but I would really like a variable power scope and just wondered what the zeiss duralyt 3-12 x 50 is like, as I don't have the cash at the moment to buy a schimdt 3-12 x 50. I do a fair amount a lamping for fox and probably every other week stalking mainly woodland. it will be going on my 6.5 x 55.

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    I've got the slightly newer Conquest DL as I wanted the ASV turret. I think it's very good for the money and even better if you want just a Duralyt as I've seen them for 550 now the Conquest DL is out. Very clear glass and precision turrets. I went up from a Leupold M8 fixed 10x and it is a much better scope. I'm sure someone will say a variable SB or Swaro is better but then for the price I would expect it to be. I couldn't think of anything in the same price bracket that I wanted or would be as good.

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    Look out for a pre-owned Zeiss Conquest - bit more magnification (x14) and x44 objective to mount just a tad lower, very good for the price in my opinion. Ok waranty is lifetime if sent to US for any work, but cheaper than Duralyt and as good to my eyes.
    Most owners seem to like them.......... I have 3

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    Drop Artur for this site a PM. He has some great used scopes at very good prices. I got a Diavari of him for less than the Duralyt you mentioned and I am over the moon with it.

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    I have that same scope on my 6.5. Seems to work very well

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    I have one on my 243 mainly for foxing and roe deer and I cant fault it My swaro Z6i is only slightly better at last light but not enough to warrant the extra 1400ish in price difference

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