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Thread: How do you ensure your scope is level?

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    How do you ensure your scope is level?

    I know there are other similar threads already posted, some saying use a plume line to line up with your vertical cross hair, but how do you know your rifle is exactly 'upright' maybe I'm being a bit dim, but where do you level a multi surfaced/curved breech gun from? The scope mounts?

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    When I did target shooting I would have a spirit level on the mounts and with them level have a plumb line to set the vertical cross hair.

    seemed to work for me.

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    could use a set square off the action and stocks side then fit as i do a bubble with bluetact. How i do it is, i have a bench Rifle vice that i place a level on then i lock the rifle in after i have it level in my case i use the action flats next to the scope bases bolt out this is so i can boresight at the same time later, then scope with covers off . I got myself a three bubble level and removed the bubbles and i fix them tight with blue tack or you can spend out on posh ones!, but at the end of the day i shoot with a canted rifle so a bit of left hand down suits my shooting style

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    I just eye mine in. If it's only slightly out of level, to me it's clearly visible.

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    Just tip rifle over to the side required until happy and shoot!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta cocker View Post
    I just eye mine in. If it's only slightly out of level, to me it's clearly visible.
    How do you know the way you are holding your rifle makes it level?

    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Just tip rifle over to the side required until happy and shoot!


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    Do you mean leveling the scope when mounting it, or when shooting the rifle?

    An easy way to square it up is to unload it, of course.
    Mount the scope in the rings tight enough to hold it but loose enough for you to turn it.
    Get the eye relief set right.
    Find something straight and square on the floor, like a thin tile joint, or put down a piece of black tape, like friction tape.
    Or you can put something plumb down a wall, if you have a cleaning cradle, but you want a sharp edge. It could be door jamb.
    Now mark the top of the stock with a piece of colored tape, and the toe of the stock, right down the center of the butt pad.
    Stand the rifle up on the friction tape and line it up with the edge.
    Look down the occular end of the scope, the wrong direction.
    You can see the tape or tile line in focus.
    Turn the scope and line up the vertical reticle with your tape or tile joint.
    Gently pick up the rifle, set it in the cradle, and tighten a screw on each side of the rings just a little bit more.
    Check the scope. Aim it at a building corner. See if you are mounting the rifle correctly.

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    On my tikka t3 I use a line level to get the action level then look threw the scope off my dining room table at the neighbours brickwork and double glazed door to level and plumb crosshairs, works perfectly, if you have a picatinny rail do the same

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    get in touch with Dave (ovenpaa on here) at the Shooting Shed, he makes a set of leveling wedges for this very purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    How do you know the way you are holding your rifle level?

    As tack 270 sez how do you know, its easy to cant the rifle without realising

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